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Shalyn Oswald UX Designer

I was born and raised in the West end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and have had a love for reading for as long as I can remember (as you can see).  Reading about the lives of people both similar and very different to myself opened me up to a new world where I could empathise and understand motivations, where I found myself enjoying being an observer, and asking people (to their annoyance at times) 'WHY?' Being a good writer seems to come natural to me, although I suspect it's the influence of the greats that I have read in my life that deserve the credit.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with an honors Specialist in English (with almost-minors in film and media), and found it difficult to figure out what to do with my knowledge.  After being introduced to User Experience Design I immediately signed up for General Assembly's UXD 3 month immersive program and I haven't looked back.  As I took the class I found myself motivated to use all of the new skills I was learning, and finding skills I didn't realize I had.  I was more than willing to spend sometimes 16 hour days at the school working away, over 6 days a week.  It was helpful that my classmates and intructors were amazing.

Shalyn Oswald UX Designer

Since graduating I have been attending Meetups, game jams, hackatons, and meeting a plethora of amazing new people.  I am always out there, experimenting with new programs and trying to hone my skills, and am always exited to learn more and more about this field, including user research, user interface design, interaction design, and content strategy.  All of these activities have really enhanced the communication skills that I already had.


I'm really interested working in companites based around education, esports, art/film and gaming.  I have always enjoyed playing games and would eventually like to work on creating one, and am also very active in some specific esports communities.  I have always been very passionate about education and would feel very good about working towards improving the way that we provide knowledge and teach both children and adults.  I am also a big film buff (Truffaut is my favourite auteur!)

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about me and look over my work.  Check out MY RESUME for more information on my work experience.  I am always more than happy to meet new people, so please feel free to contact me!

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