Here are a few deliverables I was able to scrounge up and put on one page, hope it helps!

Data and Heuristics

Data Analytics

Analyzing data to figure out where to focus research attention.


I've done more complex versions of heuristic analyses; I usually do them on current products to point out the biggest areas of opportunity so we can find a focus.  I combine this with any other data, including user interviews, customer service feedback notes, and data analytics.


Merck New Sitemap
Basic Sitemap

Basic sitemaps created in Omnigraffle, which is also an awesome program for flows as well.


Gif Soup User Flow
Charity Miles User Flow
Amazon Review Wire Flow

Few examples of simple flows (ooh, shapes!) and a wireflow for competitive analysis.

Project Checklist

Bonus: Project Process Checklist I created to help folks know what's needed in what situations to keep things consistent.  What we can do with a client is dependent on the hours we've been given to do that task, so here is what you can expect and what you should have ready.

Journey Maps

Journey Map
Journey Map

These are super fun but extremely time-consuming and take a lot of data.  I'll take all of the information I've gathered from users and show the flow of, say, a product being marketed, sold, and purchased, who touches the process when, and how the user/employee feels at the time.  It's created to visually show a complex process and highlight areas of opportunity such as points in the process that are very low in happiness and high in confusion and mistakes, overly complicated scenarios, and roadblocks.  This is a way to help stakeholders understand an area of focus to address first as you can't fix everything at once.



Looks simple, but there are a lot of files of research documents to back up every decision on the changed page!


Side 2 of Design Sign
Side 1 of Design Sign

Design Fridays: Every Friday I'd make a new sign and sit in the cafeteria and wait for people to come in and ask me design/experience questions. Not every project put hours towards design, so this was off the books and I did this to help developers and sales create better work.

Bonus: I'd engage them with a quick survey and then ask them why they chose what they did; I'd forward the info to internal marketing sometimes :)

Persona Explanation
UX Methodology

Showing Them the Way: Part of the class I created to teach sales and developers the different parts of user-centered design so they could understand how to use these deliverables. (PDF is a quick version of the benefits of user-centered design I created for clients.)