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Design Examples

When I got the interview with Fidelity I did some homework on the website and applications, and even asked some people I knew if they used Fidelity's services.  From those that responded in the affirmative I got a little bit of information about what they liked about the site and what they had a bit of issue with.
Comments: "No personalization, feels a little cold." "So many levels of navigation." "I don't know where anything is." "I love the amount of information it offers." "UI is constantly evolving, which is nice."
Based on those comments, I changed some of the colours to create a bit more cohesion instead of making the navs feel too separate, I kept all of the profile/message infomation in the same area, and I moved the search bar to the middle for quick access.
Obviously I don't have the full research to know what information that the users find most important (like whether they'd like customer support at the top), but I wanted to give it a try.  It helped me get to know the site a lot more, so it was a fun exercise / mini-project!

Design - Personas

I created this layout and decided to use iconography because I expect that many different people will be using these personas as inspiration, including people who react better to some visual stimulation and not just text on a page.  I have gotten good reactions from them and my Charity Miles personas are constantly referred back to when discussing new and existing features.
All information in these personas are based on survey and interview results.

Design - User Flows

User flows, app-maps, and the like can be as detailed or as basic as you need them to be.  I find Omnigraffle one of the faster and more efficient programs to use for this.

Design - Layout

A lot of times, the initial sketch that I create during a design studio is chosen for the final layout of a project, with a few minor changes here and there.
I not only work on the high fidelity product and the prototyping of it, but i act as detail manager/tester and am often the one that finds the inconsistencies and comes up with creative solutions for the fix of any issues.  And then, of course, I test!

Design - Presentations

I work on presenting findings to stakeholders, concentrating on the order of information, importance of emphasis, and organization of everything.

Design - FUN!

I really enjoy learning new techniques and just having fun with design, which is why I build the QUIRKY side of my website, including all of the icons and images, and did the same for the Absynthetika website.
Absynthetika logo fairy created to look like one of the the absinthe flowers.
Starting menu on the video game myself and and my group of game-jammers created.  The highlight of the 'H' and 'I' was intentiontal as it went along with the storyline I had create, having to do with communication.
This was actually part of a Copywriting class that I did, to create a brochure for a fake product, but I actually went above and beyond and created everything instead of just the text.  I probably had too much fun doing this, due to my pun-allowance.
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