Process: Research

Research is essential in our every day lives; it is how we grow, learn, and then apply.  

In terms of user experience, it is essential to finding out about competition, 

viability, and how to unify business and user goals in the best ways possible.


Before starting anything, I like to set a timeline for myself, and specific goals, as well as decide where I'll be storing and organizing my data.  Trello and Google Drive are amazing tools for those needs.

Google Drive
Business Analysis
Design Analysis
Google Analytics
Best Practices

Looking at the competition in terms of layout, features, and business goals.  I want to make sure that I get as much information from them as I can and see where there are opportunities on which to capitalize. 


Google Analytics and other data sources also help to find current issues or what is working well so I know where to focus my attention.


This is also where I analyze the heuristics/best practices for all of the sites/app that i am researching, as well as for the current site/app on which I am working.

Site/App Maps
User Flows

Going more into the interaction with the website or application, I like to create basic user flows, site/app maps, and mixtures of different kinds of flows with varying amounts of detail depending on my focus.


For example, a basic userflow of the usual interaction with a site is quick and easy, but if I want to also analyze the layout of information as I go through it, a more detailed flow, like the Amazon Review Flow, would be more useful to me.


It's also helpful when you're trying to place where exactly there are too many steps to an outcome.

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