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Shalyn Oswald


Tools • Platforms • Websites • Games • Software • Process • Systems


"Imagery Created by A 'Friendly' AI"


"This Section Requires Ego"


"Systems thinking sees the big picture by analyzing how parts interact."

- Me, when I feel smart

Continuous learning is essential.

If AI could just create an easy and intuitive workflow for all employees I’d be happy to find something else to do with my time.  We're not there yet, so I offer myself as an interim solution.

New technology is always coming out; it’s up to us to use it where it makes sense and to be strategic and responsive and not just reactive.

We have a responsibility as tech designers to create for humans with humanity.

I love the various aspects of my job: getting to know the users, my co-workers, the way things work, business goals, and finding the connections between my work and all of these things.

Sometimes this means I become a service designer for a product I need to design, or a component library creator for a platform I need to redesign.

When the product is for employees, you need to be aware of internal politics and able to encourage honesty and trust with all of the stakeholders.

"AI is going to take all of our jobs!"

- Me, excited to get more 'me' time


"For My Data-Mining Friends"

  • Managing of Direct Reports

  • Managing 30+ Individual Contributors

  • Successful Internal Change

  • Mentoring and Teaching

  • Only Design-Thinker in the Room

  • Accessibility and Diversity Initiatives

  • Interdepartmental Communication

  • Workflow Efficiencies

  • Design Operations Building

  • Adjust & Iterate Approaches

  • Respect, Regardless of Rank

  • Belief that Improvement Is Not Beyond Anyone

  • Advocate for Diversity in the Workplace

  • Inspire and Engage

  • Delegate Strategically & Thoughtfully

  • Diversity of Experience

  • Offer Questions AND Answers

  • Usability of Documentation

Leadership Exp.

Leadership Ethics

  • Planning & Organizing Research

  • Giving Space to Learn and Grow

  • Training, Teaching, Educating

  • Nurturing Collaborative Relationships

  • Skills Assessment & Building

  • Task Prioritization & Feedback

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Product/Project Design & Planning

  • Continuous Learning

Leadership Skills

  • Software/Tools Creation/Design

  • Internal Platforms

  • UI for Videogames

  • Client Work and Communication

  • B2B, Salesforce, SaaS

  • Collaborative and Iterative Design

  • Component Libraries/Design Systems

  • New Product Generation

  • Design Operations/Onboarding

  • Accessibility

  • "Do No Harm"

  • Understanding Biases

  • Diversity in All Things

  • Build for User

  • Address Foundation of Problem

  • Communication Between Teams

  • Adjust Product to Fit Need

  • Future Forward

Design Experience

Design Ethics

  • Figma/Sketch/XD, etc.

  • User/Work Flow Discovery/Creation

  • Onboarding and UX Writing

  • Information Architecture

  • Interaction Design

  • Handoff/Documentation

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Workshopping Problems/Solutions

  • Re-Usable Component Creation

Design Skills


"Humans Like to Connect"

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