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I have been working as a UX designer for many years, and have been instructing in UX and design thinking for almost as long as I've been practicing.  It's the nature of this career that you have to teach, instruct, inform, as much as be willing to learn; I have to say that it's my favourite thing about the job and I'm very good at it.


I love getting to know people and learning how I can create an experience that works for them, whether that's in the useful interfaces I create for complex systems, or in the boardroom where they need to understand complex concepts.

Accessibility, inclusion, and equity are always a part of the conversation.


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I have completed many pieces of work through my time, but the majority has been done under an NDA, so you will find mainly high-level work through these sections.  Some of the major client work has been done for companies such as IBM, T-Mobile, AMEX, Coca-Cola, and Vivint, as well as Salesforce.

Also included here are interests of mine outside of system design such as game design and copywriting.  Hackathons are incredibly fun and I like to attend as well as run them whenever I can!


Programs & Misc.


The usual suspects exist here:

Sketch App/Figma

Adobe Creative Suite (XD, Illustrator, etc)


Zoom Meetings

Salesforce Lightning



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UX Design/Research

Digital Product Design

Information Architecture





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