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timeframe: March 2016 - March 2019

Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is a Salesforce*-partnered agency I learned a lot and really began to push the limits of my knowledge of User Experience Design by teaching it to many different people in different ways.

These are some examples of some of the projects that I've worked on.  They are all based on Salesforce (SF), most on Lightning.

The point is to take most care of the information architecture.  In Salesforce  there are so many pieces of information available, so you have to be considerate where and how you place it to avoid overwhelming the users.  Below is some high level information and wireframes of the more complex projects.  I love working on internal systems; the complexity and care in each project makes this job extremely fun and rewarding for me.

*For those that don't know very much about SF and SF Lightning, it's a very complex cloud-based CRM that many companies implement internally to better track their sales processes, but because of how useful the tracking is it is also being utilized for many other quite different things to CRM.  As well, especially in Lightning, there is a decent amount of restriction on what you can do out of the box, and doing things custom typically takes a lot of work and requires even more upkeep as they (SF) have new releases.  In other words, a lot of planning and problem solving is needed to design an intuitive system that isn't overly customized.

Call Center Console

Product Designer

Call Center Console

Salesforce with 6+ integrations

Custom & Lightning Design

My Role: Study user, current process, needs; design functionality, usability, and UI for entire console.  Parts to be reused/treated as templates. Only designer on project.

User: 20-28 yrs, predominantly male, gamer-type, respond well to visual queues.

Attack: Use of iconography, color for visual queues. Step-by-step flows, clarity. Information most-used to be up front and easy to access quickly. Most processes became automated instead of manual.  Troubleshooting section helped by system information to find correct info.

Mobile Insurance

UX/UI Designer

Union Insurance Site


Custom Design

My Role: Create a mobile experience based off of the current desktop site. Had to keep the look and feel while making it as optimized as possible where necessary to avoid extra development.

User: 35-50 yrs, low tech-savvy, want clarity on process on each step.

Attack: Large buttons and text (where applicable), large calls to action, clear path.  Optimized and accessible.

Health Pathway

Health Pathway Main Page

Health Pathway

Salesforce Lightning Community

Custom Design

My Role: Understand user needs and create an experience that shows sensitivity to all of the different kinds of folks with a certain medical issue while they are on a pathway to personal health and recovery. Solo designer.

User: 25-50 yrs, various tech-savviness, some want a lot of information, some want very little, language proficiency not entirely known.

Attack: Understandable iconography, clear pathway with next steps, visualization of data, and links for more information for those that wish to see it.

Product/UX Designer

Internal Support

One-Stop Shop for Internal Support

Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud and Lightning Community

Custom and Out of the Box Design

My Role: Research the various groups in charge of different support systems and topics, understand each of their needs and the steps they take, and create a global template to work across all or most support desks, while also creating a way for people to self-help and create cases when needed. Worked with 1 other designer.


Support users - Want to help, have a lot of systems to deal with, not all have English as first language or clear pathway. 

Employee users - Want to help themselves when they can, would like updates on their case when they create one.

Attack:  Understand and prioritize actions and information.  Create clear path, on-boarding, and next steps, consistency, communication for both user types.  Work closely with devs to create a global template that requires less upkeep and makes sense across the board.

Product/UX Designer

Design Evangelism

Interested in knowing how I successfully integrated UX design into a company?

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