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Process: Testing & Iterating

Shalyn Oswald UX Designer
Shalyn Oswald UX Designer
Process >> Research >> The People >> Design >> Testing and Iterating

The final-but-not-final step is the application of research, personas, and my design to create prototypes to test out and really find out if what I've created works, and how well.  Does it work as intended, is it understood, what needs more work, what doesn't make sense?  As many iterations as it takes to get the desired result; sometimes you just need to be creative with it.

Shalyn Oswald UX Designer
Shalyn Oswald UX Designer
Shalyn Oswald UX Designer
Shalyn Oswald UX Designer

The biggest challenge with this case-study was trying to get a decent amount of features in the editor without making it seem overwhelming to the average lower-tech user.  


Once we figure that out, the next biggest challenge was designing the UI so that it didn't seem cluttered.  


The copy we used was also an issue, as we wanted people to know that they could quickly upload, but that they could also edit their gif.  The wording had to be tested many times before we got it just right.

Sidewalk Runway

The biggest challenge in this case-study was finding a way to show that this site was not for e-commerce but actually a site for customers to post pictures of themselves in certain items of clothing so that others could see what they might look like in that item if they are similarly shaped (in terms of body measurements).  


Once we had that down, the next challenge was making sure that the UI was intuitive and the main interaction of inputting your measurements was fun and delightful.

Charity Miles

There were a lot of pages and interactions to work on for this job, so we felt the best and quickest way to test our designs was to go through paper prototyping and then straight into high-fidelity mock-ups.  Time was a huge challenge!


The biggest challenge in terms of design was deciding how much of the original look to keep and how much to change.  Firstly, there is already a large member-base for this application, so we don't want an initial huge change, but a decent change that could be adjusted more over time.  As well, the developer team only consists of two people, so we had to take the business contraints into consideration.


In all, the final prototype tested very well and the client was very happy with the result.

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